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Rachel and John

Here is what some of our
satisfied customers have said:

"I LOVED Kandy at Your Perfect Party from the first time I met her!
I knew that she would make our wedding as awesome as we imagined it.
I never really imagined myself having a wedding, and Kandy taught me Wedding
101. The lighted monogram and Chinese lanterns she hung looked beautiful in
our venue!

She helped us plan a classy, yet fun reception with a BIG party at the end.
The wedding and reception were perfectly organized and flowed amazingly.
The music was spot on at every point, and the lighting was so much fun!
Kandy made sure our night was exactly like we wanted by checking in with us
often, and she rolled with the punches exceptionally well!

Our guests had a GREAT time, and we got so many compliments on the party
atmosphere. They keep calling it the "wedding of the century," and even
the venue owner said it was the best wedding they'd ever had!

We made some great memories that will last a lifetime,
and we could NEVER have done it without Kandy at Your Perfect Party!
She went above and beyond our expectations, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude."!

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